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Frequently Asked Questions >--> Answered For You !

How do I make this remote work with my vehicle? Will it work with my car/truck?

Answer: Your vehicle must have a keyless entry system already built in by the
manuafacturer. All remotes must be programmed to the vehicle. Some can be self
programmed, while others can not. Check our programming page for more info on this.

How difficult is the programming if it can be self accomplished ?
Answer: In most cases, it is simple and requires no tools or dirty hands. To be very
candid, it can take some patience and the procedures are simple, but very exact. There are of
course exceptions. Some older cars may require locating a programming connector and using a
jumper clip. These cars will require a bit more understanding to have success, but the process
it still quite simple.

If required, do I have to go to the dealer for key cutting and programming ?

Answer: No, very often a good automotive locksmith can perform the same service for less.
We suggest the site: autolocksmithfinder. com to try and locate a knowledgeable locksmith
in your area.

How do I know if my car has a keyless entry system ?
Answer: If you are not certain, take the vehicle identification number and go to or call
a dealer. Provide them the VIN, and ask if the car was manufactured with the keyless
system. We can not look up your car by the VIN number, only a dealer can do that.

Can I buy a remote and have keyless entry ?
Answer: Not necessarily. This is only possible if the keyless system components are already
installed in the vehicle. The keyless remote unit is only one part of the overall system.

Are your remotes like the factory units that came with the car ?
Answer: Yes, in most cases these are the same units as would have come with the vehicle
when it was originally sold. They are OEM which stands for " Original Equipment Manufacture."
The exception, which many vendors will not tell you, would be for some key blades, but even
then the guts would be OEM.

My current remote broke or stopped working, can I replace it ?
Answer: Yes, you can gather the info from the back or inside of the broken remote unit, and
match it to a replacement remote making it very simple to know you are receiving the same item.

My key is attached to the remote, can I keep the same key and just replace the remote ?
Answer: In most cases, no. Many keys are part of the plastic case and can not be separated.
A new key will be required, and it will need to be cut from the old existing key. There are
a few exceptions, but not many.

How much does it cost for key cutting & remote programming ?
Answer: That can vary from area to area, and depends on where you go to for the service,
and the type of key and remote. High security keys cost more to cut, and may typically cost
from $25.00 to $65.00. Remote programming can range from free to about $75.00 or more, if
you visit your local high end car dealer.

Can I buy a keyless remote and open any similar vehicle ?
Answer: No, as it will not have been programmed to the vehicle which is a necessity
for the remote to be made operable with a given vehicle.

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